Block N Load


Online gaming (original site)
Creative supervision and project management



Block N Load is a team first person build-and-shoot game, free-to-play.

The purpose of the game is to build an impregnable base from a wide range of blocks as the clock counts down to the start of the battle, then to invade destroy the opposition’s base.

The feel of the game is wild, crazy and eclectic, with six very different characters for players to choose. Each one has a distinctive look and personality and plays a clear role within any team of five. 

To launch the game, branding needed to be created for the marketing website, emails, a suite of online display ads, third party ads and skins for Steam and Twitch, an exhibition stand and giveaways.



To reflect the eclectic character of the game, the branding used a mix of bright colours,  a mix of three typefaces and graphic elements inspired by early 20th century woodblock posters.

The stars of the show are the five characters, in their different incarnations, shown grouped dynamically in action movie poster style or posing solo against their own tailor made plaques.