The BHF Challenge Events Series calendar


Charity fundraising
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The British Heart Foundation Events are an important source of fundraising for the charity, with thousands participating across the many events each year. The purpose of the annual Challenge Events Series calendar is to enthuse the audience to sign up, get sponsored and take part.

The target audience is a broad range of age, gender and ethnicity, with or without a past history of participation or donation. Communication channels are the BHF website, online display advertising, giveaways in shops and mailouts to supporters.

Marketing insights show us that the fundraising element is a secondary motivation for participants - the primary motivation in personal challenge and achievement, along with the sense of team spirit at the events.



To grab the audience's attention attention first, the visual style and language expresses the excitement of the individual challenges, team spirit, the fun of participating, and the special sense of achievement when the challenge is overcome.

We focused the main visual hooks on action photography, taken on location at events. The element of discovery and personal motivation to take up the challenge is bolstered by the wordsearch elements in the headlines (Find Your Ride, etc) and the inspirational tone of voice.

The important message that the fundraising supports life saving research into heart disease underpins the communication. This is primarily through a short case study featuring the story of how one young fundraiser was motivated to take part in the challenges by the death of his teenage sister; and by a shopping list dotted throughout the publication showing what set amounts raised would buy for research.