Online gaming
Creative supervision and design project management


Long-running and very popular, RuneScape is a fantasy multiplayer role-playing game which often has hundreds of thousands of players online at one time, from all over the world. 

For the launch of a major update to the game, RuneScape 3, the RuneScape visual identity needed a thorough refresh - across all touchpoints, most importantly the community website.

The website is updated very frequently with new quests, offers and promotions. It's a very large website which is an important source of information to a very active and vocal player base. As a complete rethink would have run the risk of alienating the millions of players, the visual approach needed to be an evolution.



The 3d logo features strong, battle-hardened steel with a fiery swoosh, using a customised typeface based on a classic serif.

For key brand communications, the logo is set against the blue sky of an open vista, with mythical elements from the game lore drawing the eye into the the RuneScape world.

On the site itself, rigorously controlled and highly legible typography ensures the many and varied pieces of communication throughout the site maintain the branding consistently. 

Carved slate graphical elements with golden and steel accents provide a framework which allows the beautiful marketing illustrations and screenshots to breathe.